Advertising Facts

Simple Facts

• On average 15,000 to 20,000 families a week shop each store.

• Americans are 7 times more likely to visit a supermarket than a drug store.

• 3 times more likely to visit a supermarket than a mass merchandise store.

• Americans visit a supermarket chain at least 7-9 times per month.

** A.C. Nielson Consumer Panel Survery. Based on 40,000 households. Advertising Age Magazine.


How It All Works

Our custom 50-60″ LCD screens will run your silent commercial on average 10,000 times per month. Each display is strategically placed in each supermarket so the 15,000 to 20,000 weekly customers can view your ad while standing in line.


What Others Say

A study by Products Acceptance and Research Inc. measured consumer awareness and sales between a static display, a motion display and no display. 43% of respondents recalled seeing the static display and 94% recalled the rotating display. 80% of those recalling the motion display remembered the featured product. Of even greater importance was that sales increased 56% with a static display and a spectacular 107% with the motion display. There is no better time to reach consumers with a marketing message than when they are in the store, with a fistful of dollars, ready to buy.